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Quality Slider Ramps

Quality Slider Ramps
  • Fast and easy to store, set up and use
  • Traction-grip deck prevents slipping
  • Anti-theft safety stows ramps safely, securely and quietly below the box
  • Range of capacities and lengths to choose from

Set Up Fast And Save Money

Grainmaster 260 slider ramps make on and off tasks easy. They’re easy to store, easy to set up and easy to use.

Set up fast, then load and unload safely on a perforated traction-grip aluminum deck that prevents slipping in any weather condition. When you’re done, you can quickly and safely store it away in its frame below the box. Latch it in for a quiet, non-slip, secure ride and feel secure knowing the anti-theft safety is engaged.

Three models provide a range of capacities and lengths to suit your needs.

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