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Underbody Hoists

Underbody Hoists
  • Lift and control anywhere – especially where space is limited
  • Multiple models, capacities and configurations for the hoist you need
  • Double-acting cylinders give you ultimate up and down control
  • Hoist a tonne even in a tight squeeze and up to 26 tonnes depending on body length

Worry-Free Lift And Control – Anywhere. Space Is Not An Issue

With six models to choose from and a range of body lengths, overhangs and capacity, Grainmaster F-Series underbody hoists give you worry-free lift and control anywhere –especially where limited space is a challenge. They’re tough, rugged and have power to spare. Lift from 10 to 26 tonnes depending on your choice of body length (9’ to 24’), model and overhang, but even in a tight squeeze, you can easily hoist a tonne – literally. And no matter what you’re moving or what model you choose, powerful double-acting cylinders give you ultimate control up and down.

Electric pump options available.

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