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MPII And MPIV Multi-Purpose Bodies

Multi-Purpose Bodies
  • Tougher, stronger 10-gauge smooth steel floor, formed sides & front rails
  • Flexible 32”, 42” or 48” 2-piece swing end gate with check chains
  • Enclosed front and sides allow unlimited product hauling
  • Long lasting greasable strap hinges are spring-pin locked to platform
  • Swing-out rear gates provides easy access
  • 12” fold-down sides are great for side loading large items or skids

Customizable For Just About Any Use

Grainmaster’s multi-purpose bodies are for just about any use you want to put them to, and customizable with a range of options from height to side height, tarp choices, hosts and tailgate loaders. Customize everything from the floor to the door and even the paint colour – the tough polyurethane finish maintains its factory look for years of use. Grainmaster multi-purpose bodies are the perfect matches for our underbody hoists.

MPIV models have inverted rails to protect lights from damage, harness rubber mounted shockproof D.O.T. high-brightness, long-lasting, low energy drawing LED lighting, and options for larger mounting beams. Load easily from rear or side with high 2PC swing out gates and easy access folding sides are ideal for skids and large load items.