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Van & Multivan Bodies

Van Bodies

Dry Freight Bodies

  • Aerodynamic design delivers fuel economy + savings
  • Thickest, most durable floors in the industry

Multivan/Reefer Refrigerated Bodies

  • Industry-leading eco-foam construction leaves no insulation gaps
  • Seamless, fastener-free construction ensures nothing penetrates the walls

Hit The Road To Productivity In Any Temperature

Van bodies come in as many configurations as the goods and materials they transport, and innovative Grainmaster van bodies can be built to suit your needs. Dry or refrigerated, quality craftsmanship and the toughest built bodies in the industry let you hit the road reliably and profitably.

Grainmaster now distributes Multivan Reefer & Dry Freight bodies – designed for transporting the most temperature-sensitive products. HACCP-compliant, these aerodynamic units are fuel-efficient and have the densest thermal integrity possible with no exposed foam, seamless glass-board lining and stainless steel rear frames. And they’re lined with the greenest polyurethane foam anywhere. That means lower greenhouse gases and a smaller environmental footprint.

Dry Freight Bodies

  • Tighter, stronger reinforced inner + outer walls
  • Reinforced roof, panels + sub-assembly provide integral strength + durability
  • 12-30’ lengths available

Multivan/Reefer Refrigerated Bodies

  • Cross-member floor insulation with roadside full length/width barrier acts as a moisture barrier + prevents road debris
  • Meet all North American standards for food safety transport and more

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