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Multilift Hooklifts

Multilift Hooklifts
  • Canada’s best selling hooklift with the highest resale value in the market
  • Use a single truck as a multi-purpose fleet to haul and dump many containers
  • Worry-free, maintenance-free value
  • Fast, easy body mount and dismount
  • Innovative sliding hook mechanism easily delivers outstanding performance

The Highest Resale Value In The Market

Grainmaster is proud to be the exclusive dealer for Multilift hooklifts in Manitoba. They’re Canada’s best selling hooklift, and one of the key reasons for that is cost efficiency. With a range of Multilift hooklift sizes, vehicle and axle types, and load capacities available, businesses can use just a single truck to haul and dump any number of containers, turning one truck into a multi-purpose fleet. That makes it ideal for Canada’s diverse construction landscape and recycling applications. Multilifts save you money every day, and have the highest resale value in the market.

Multilift hooklifts are revolutionary in their design. They’ve pioneered a unique sliding hook mechanism, single plate sub-frame and asymmetric lifting frame design to deliver a hooklift that delivers outstanding performance with fast, easy body mount and dismount functions. Plus Multilifts give you unmatched reliability, safe, smooth, efficient operation and smart electronic in-cab controls. That all adds up to worry-free, maintenance-free value. And a really smart choice for your business.